How to Grow / Growing Mung Bean Sprouts at Home for Profit

Most of us know ‘Mung Beans’ better as ‘Bean Sprouts’. In other words those delicious crunchy sprouts we either use in stir frys, or alternatively in sandwiches and salads. What you may not know is just how easy they are to grow at home, plus the fact you can grow them for profit by selling on the resulting trays of sprouts to local restaurants, hotels, and even shops (although with the shops you may need to take the time to wash and bag them up).

Even children can easily grow these to earn a little extra cash, and a garden is not required, simply a warm, bright window ledge or table (out of direct sunlight), will suffice.

Find your customers first.

Before you rush to grow a stack of Mung Beans it is wise to ensure you have buyers lined up for them. Approach your local restaurants, hotels and small shops to see if they are interested in buying your product, and at what prices.

What you will need.

Before you begin to grow Mung Beans you will need to purchase trays to grow them in, kitchen roll/towel, water, and of course the seeds themselves.

I find eBay offer very good value for money on the seed trays, unless you live in the UK, in which case B & Q seem to offer better value still, currently offering 8 lightweight seed trays for £1.78, (which would be even more practical if you can persuade the restaurant or hotel to keep these trays after use so you can collect and re-use them).

After 24 Hours

The seeds can be rather expensive in the shops, and I initially paid £1.49 for enough to sow one full-sized seed tray. However, you can get better deals on eBay, (or no doubt from various online suppliers) if you buy in bulk, and I managed to buy a large 40g pack on eBay for a total of £1.69 including postage. The main consideration is to ensure you charge your customers a price that will offer you a good return and make the effort worth your while.

The only other thing you will need is a bright, warm, light and airy position, (such as a windowsill) that is not in sunlight all day.


1) Firstly line your seed tray with cling film to avoid the drainage holes allowing the moisture to escape, or the kitchen roll to dry out.

2) Line the tray with a double thickness of kitchen towel/roll.

3) Wet the kitchen roll thoroughly ensuring it is not totally saturated and is drained of excess water.

After 48 Hours

4) Sow the seeds thickly across the surface of the kitchen roll.

5) Place the tray in the warm, light, airy position and maintain a temperature of around 15 degrees Celsius.

6) Keep the kitchen roll moist but not wet.

7) The seedlings should be ready to sell (or eat) after about 5 to 10 days, and when they have reached 2.5 cm or about 1inch tall, (just as the green leaves begin to appear). At this point deliver immediately to your customers.

8 ) If you are bagging up the beansprouts for a shop you will need to cut the shoots and rinse them thoroughly in cold water, before sealing them tightly in plastic bags ready for immediate sale.

(Perfect in sandwiches, stir-fry recipes or salads).

Advantages to growing Mung Beans for profit.

1) Mung beans are ready to sell between 5 to 10 days after sowing.

2) This business costs next to nothing to set up.

3) Resulting crops are high in vitamin C, healthy, organic and in demand.

4) You can grow these in your spare time as they require very little attention.

5) You don’t need a garden to produce this crop.

6) You can produce a large number of beansprouts even in a relatively small home.

7) Even your children can grow these to top up their pocket money.

8 ) Beansprouts can be grown 365 days a year.

Mung Beans Day 1


Mung Beans Day 2

Mung Beans day 3

Mung Beans Day 4