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Many people might question why they should grow vegetables at home, and this is why I decided to create this website. There are so many advantages to growing vegetables at home it is hard to know where to begin. Perhaps I should start by pointing out that vegetables are becoming increasingly more expensive in the shops and a great way to save money is to grow your own food as opposed to paying over inflated shop prices, especially when you know little about how that vegetable was grown or what horrible pesticides were sprayed on it. Growing organic vegetables has become a great way to ensure what you eat is as healthy as possible, both for you and your family and friends. Lots of people are now getting into organic vegetable gardening, and even if your space is limited you can always grow vegetables in containers and many people even grow vegetables indoors.

Even if you believe you don’t have green fingers and could never grow vegetables yourself, you might be pleasantly surprised to realise there are many easy vegetables to grow, and there are some very fast growing vegetables you could try such as radishes, cress, bean sprouts etc. You can even make money from growing vegetables indoors all year round, especially if you focus on the fast growing crops I mentioned before such as cress and bean sprouts.

The important thing you will need to know of course is how to grow vegetables, especially if you have no prior experience. This is why this website is intended to be an ideal resource for you to use whenever you need it. You may decide that growing vegetables in a greenhouse is the way you want to begin, or you might prefer to start a vegetable allotment. Maybe you will be tempted by the idea of growing vegetables in raised beds, or perhaps you will start off small and simply try growing vegetables in pots. Whatever you decide I am certain you will quickly see all the benefits to growing vegetables at home. You will be fitter, your food will taste better, you will be eating fresh vegetables regularly and best of all, you will know you have grown organic vegetables with no artificial pesticides or fertilizers used.

Some people (like myself) decide to also grow their vegetables for exhibitions / competitions. This can quickly become a great hobby and you can make lots of friends via the various vegetable shows you enter. To be successful you will have to take extra steps to grow the various vegetables in special ways and prepare them carefully in the week leading up to the show itself, but many of these methods are also covered here on the site.