How to grow / growing Mung Bean Sprouts at home for profit

Most of us know ‘Mung Beans’ better as ‘Bean Sprouts’. In other words those delicious crunchy sprouts we either use in stir frys, or alternatively in sandwiches and salads. What you may not know is just how easy they are to grow at home, plus the fact you can grow them for profit by selling on the resulting bean sprouts to local restaurants, hotels and shops.

Even children can easily grow these to earn a little extra cash, and a garden is not required, simply some clean glass jars, some seeds and a dark, warm cupboard

Find your customers first.

Before you rush to grow a stack of Mung Beans it is wise to ensure you have buyers lined up for them. Approach your local restaurants, hotels and small shops to see if they are interested in buying your produce, and at what prices.

What you will need.

When you begin to grow Mung Beans you will need to obtain clean glass jars and either jay cloths or other pieces of cloth large enough to tie over the tops of the jars, you will also need either elastic bands or string to tie the coth to the tops of the jars. Of course you will also need to buy your Mung Bean seeds to grow.

Mung Bean seeds can be rather expensive in the shops, and I initially paid £1.99  for enough to grow one jar full. However, you can get better deals on Ebay or Amazon, (or no doubt from various online suppliers) if you buy in bulk.  I managed to buy a large 40g pack on Amazon for a total of £1.69 including postage. The main consideration is to ensure you charge your customers a price that will offer you a good return and make the effort worth your while.

The only other thing you will need is a dark, warm position, (such as a cupboard in your kitchen).


1) Place enough beans in the bottom of the glass jars to cover the base about 3-4 beans deep.

2) Half fill the jars with cold water and leave the beans to soak overnight

3) The following day drain the beans and rinse with fresh water and drain again

4) Cover the top of the jars with  pieces of cloth and secure with either string or elastic bands

5) Place the jars in a warm dark cupboard

6) Repeat this rinsing, draining  and covering process daily until the Mung Bean shoots are approximately 2.5 – 3.8 cm long

7) Remove the sprouts themselves from the beans and rinse again

8) Your Mung Bean shoots are now ready to  bag up in plastic bags and sell. If you wish to eat them yourself  you can either stir fry them for a couple of minutes, or alternatively you can cook them for 2 minutes in hot water


Advantages to growing Mung Beans for profit.

1) Mung beans are ready to sell between 8 to 10 days after sowing.

2) This business costs next to nothing to set up.

3) Resulting crops are high in vitamin C, healthy, organic and in demand.

4) You can grow these in your spare time as they require very little attention.

5) You don’t need a garden to produce this crop.

6) You can produce a large quantity of beansprouts even in a relatively small home.

7) Even your children can grow these to top up their pocket money.

8 ) Beansprouts can be grown 365 days a year.


Mung Beans Day 1

Mung Beans Day 1

Mung Beans Day 2

Mung Beans Day 2


Mung Beans day 3

Mung Beans day 3

Mung Beans Day 4

Mung Beans Day 4

Further pictures to follow over the coming days.