My name is Cindy and I live in the beautiful British Channel Island of Guernsey along with my Husband and our two cats.  Ever since I was about 6 I have loved growing plants, but my real passion is for growing vegetables. There is something truly satisfying about being able to plant a seed and watch it grow into something you can place on your family dinner table, safe in the knowledge that no pesticides have been used and all the goodness that went into the plant came from natural sources. Guernsey has always been famous for its horticultural industry, and maybe this is partly why I developed the enthusiasm for growing vegetables at home. I took Horticulture as one of my C.S.E’s at school and achieved a Grade 1 (the equivalent of an O Level). This was the highest grade anyone in the class was awarded, and I was one of only two girls in a class that was all boys.

Today I grow vegetables partly to eat, but also to exhibit in our local annual Horticultural and Agricultural Show. For the last two years I have won Best Root Vegetable in Show with my long carrots, and this year I also won Best Exhibit in Vegetable section with my large display of different vegetables. In addition to the trophies I received for those classes I also received a number of first places. Growing vegetables for exhibition is both challenging and rewarding, but it does make a fascinating hobby that as a vegetable grower you might want to consider, even if only at local level as opposed to the big shows like Malvern.

There are many ways to grow vegetables at home and I hope to cover all of them. If you can secure a vegetable allotment that is wonderful, but even if you can’t, growing vegetables in containers is easy, (even if you have very little space). Due to my enthusiasm for this entire subject I decided I would like to start a website to advise people new to growing or exhibiting vegetables on the best ways to go about it. This website is the result of my efforts, and I hope it will offer lots of useful information to anyone interested in having a go for themselves. Vegetables are becoming increasingly expensive in the shops now, and this is a great was to save money at the same time as producing the freshest and healthiest produce possible for your dinner table.

As time goes on I shall be adding more articles to the site, but in the meantime I hope you enjoy the articles that are already here.